Investors and Funders

Impact investors, corporate community investors, and philanthropic funders can have greater confidence in a demonstrable return on their investment by working with their recipients and network of stakeholders.

We work with you to:

  • Clarify the changes underpinning your funding goals
  • Define how the organisations you support are contributing to your goals
  • Identify funding and partnership opportunities
  • Develop indicators for shared goals with other funders
  • Establish systems for aggregating data and reporting progress

… philanthropists [are encouraged] to really consider the value of their philanthropic dollar and the responsibility they have in the outcome. Building understanding that it’s not just giving money to a nonprofit and leaving it to them to measure outcomes but instead to own some of that — whether that’s funding some of that measurement or if you’re serious about solving a particular issue, working with two or three nonprofits rather than one.

Shamal Dass, Head of Philanthropic Services, JB Were