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Our Clients


“Reporting my company’s achievements against business goals is fine, but pushing out bits of data wasn’t telling the story in an engaging way. What I needed was a clever and simple way to engage my Board and key stakeholders to tell them what we’d achieved and that the company was coming along well. I had some rough ideas about using graphs and charts, but after few conversations with Impact Logic, we had it all mapped out – A graphical dashboard that gave clear, easy to understand reports that supported my business plan and presented KPIs.

Andy and Adrian took ACOLA on an extremely valuable journey. Their up front approach and clear thinking helped us find a solution for collecting data from our stakeholders to tell a meaningful story of success. The reporting dashboard gives us confidence in our decision making and enables us to readily report ACOLA’s performance to our Board and to other stakeholders when required.”

Dr Angus Henderson, General Manager, Australian Council of Learned Academies

“The measurement framework Adrian and Andy developed for ClimateWorks helped educate us on how to analyse and describe our influence in business and government. This adds rigour to our impact reports and helps strengthen our partnerships with our funders.”

Anna Skarbek, CEO, ClimateWorks Australia